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Fruits and Vegetables

According to an time-honoured tradition, the "maccu di San Giuseppe" was once prepared in Enna on Saint Joseph's feast and generously given the indigent girls of the town. It is a very nourishing dish made of broad beans, lentils, peas and chestnuts, flavoured with wild fennel, celery hearts, onions and dried tomatoes.

The famous "caponata" has maritime origins, although it is now made of vegetablesonly. Its name derives from the word "caupone", which was used to indicate the harbour inns where it was served. It is made of fried eggplants cubes, capers from Pantelleria, onions, olives and celery ribs, with the addition of pine nuts and raisins. It is usually seasoned with Sicilian top-quality extra virgin olive oil, which has gained the DOP label (protested designation of origin) in the areas of the Iblei Mountains, the valleys of Trapani, the Etna territory and the Val di Mazara region.

Last but not least, the delicious fruit: oranges, and in particular the red oranges from Ribera, which were brought by Arabs to the Palermitan Conca d'Oro in the Middle Ages and are now the symbol of Sicily, mainly cultivated in the valleys of Catania, Salso and Sinagra; tangerines, lemons, grapes (the Italia variety coming from Canicattì is particularly famous); prickly pears, with their yellow pulp, the main ingredient of a delicious mustard; pistachios, imported by Arabs and now mosytly cultivated in Bronte and in the territories of Etna Volcano and Enna.

Aubergine Caponata

Red Oranges from Ribera

Sicilian Lemons

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