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Meats, Salumi and Cheeses

The heart of Sicily has many unexpected surprises in store. The inland areas have a rich culinary heritage with a wide variety of typical products, from salami or other meat-based products to fresh cheese, processed according to a long-time tradition.

In the valleys among Nebrodi and Madonie Mountains, as well as in the territory of Ragusa, sheep and cattle are still reared to produce high-quality meat. Mutton, bovine and lamb meat from animals of "Ragusan breed" is particularly renowned.

Meat is still the main, unadulterated and pure ingredient of traditional dishes such as "'mpanata" (a beef-pie) in Ragusa, barbecued mutton, rabbit stew, kid goat stew from Nebrodi Mountains and chops "alla Siciliana". Local production focuses on spicy sausages flavoured with wild fennel, garlic, oregano and the omnipresent chilly pepper. The famous Salame of Sant'Angelo is also worth mentioning: it is produced according to a long-time tradition dating back to the XVI century. It is probably the most ancient salami in Italy.

In the Nebrodi Mountains pigs are raised in the open air and fed with natural fodders such as berries and acorns. That's why local sausage manufacture is very renowned. Ham, bacon and salami are appreciated because of their exquisite rich taste. Pecorino has been given a place of honour among the cheeses, and it can be found in three different versions: "siciliano", "ragusano" and "piacentino" (coloured and flavoured with ornamental crocus).

Ricotta is an excellent product, used fresh to stuff the delicious cannoli or in the “dried” and "baked" versions to flavour a large number of first courses. The caciocavallo ragusano, made of bovine milk, is the main ingredient of pasta "'ncasciata", made with cauliflower and anchovies. In the surroundings of Caltanissetta caciocavallo is used to garnish chicken or to stuff pies like in the tasty "sfoglia maronita".

Rabbit stew

Salami of Sant Angelo

Making Sicilian Ricotta

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