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Spas & Wellness

Sicilian spas and thermal baths date back to Greek or Roman times, and have developed around natural springs. Demigods or mythical heroes who had stopped by them for a refresh made them holy sites in remote times. All spa resorts offer both therapeutic and beauty treatments. Some of them are equipped with gyms and other fitness facilities. Following a complete list of spas in Sicily:

Acireale (Catania)

Azienda Autonoma delle Terme di Acireale (termeacireale)
The first spa in the area was founded by Greeks to exploit the sulfurous waters coming from Mount Etna. The modern baths saw the light in 1873, when Santa Venera spa complex was opened. Santa Caterina spa resort has been operative in a wonderful location among citrus groves between the volcano Etna and the Ionian Sea since 1987.

Ali terme (Messina)

Terme Giuseppe Marino
Terme Granata Cassibile
Romans already knew the therapeutic value of this spring and its muds. In 1500, big tubs were carved out of the rock to benefit of the thermal water, although the baths acquired renown only in 1800. They are endowed with sulphurous-salty-brome-iodine thermal waters, conveyed into two spa resorts: Granata Cassibile near the coast (at 46.5° C) and Marino, at a higher altitude, where another spring was discovered (at 39.5° C).

Calatafimi-Segesta (Trapani)

Terme Gorga (località Gorga) (termegorga)
The spring is situated in the open country in the surroundings of Segesta’s archaeological site. The sulphurous alkaline water of Gorga spring is conveyed together with its thermal mud from a basin of clay and into the spa building, a former mill renovated in the Sixties.

Castellammare del Golfo (Trapani)

Terme Segestane (località Ponte Bagni) (termesegestane)
The origins of Segesta’s Thermal Baths are intertwined with ancient myths: according to Diodorus Siculus, the nymphs had the thermal spring gush out to refresh Hercules during his way to Erice; according to Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Aeneas left some of his mates at the baths, for them to be fortified by their water. The modern spa resort was built above the ancient one in 1958, and enlarged in 1990; the Regina Grotto is a proper natural sauna. The sulfurous-salty-sulfate-alkaline-iron water gushes out at 44.1 C°.

Montevago (Agrigento)

Terme Acqua Pia (Località Acque Calde) (termeacquapia)
Acqua Pia Thermal Baths are immersed in a splendid park and endowed with modern structures for relaxation and fitness: thermal water pool, playgrounds, rooms for therapeutic treatments and buildings for a comfortable stay.

Sciacca (Agrigento)

Azienda Autonoma delle Terme di Sciacca (grandhoteldelleterme)
According to the legend, it was Daedalus to build the renowned “Stufe” now named after Saint Calogero.
They are karstic caves exhalating vapours from sulphurous water, used as sudatory by Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans. The “Stufe” provide a hot-wet environment (38-41°C with 95% of humidity). The new spa resort is located within an Art-Nouveau building laying on a cliff steeply descending to the sea.

Terme Vigliatore (Messina)

Società Terme e Alberghi STEA
The spa resort is supplied by the ancient Venus’ Spring (Fonte di Venere), whose 32°C water is rich in alkaloid, bicarbonate and sulfur, particularly indicated for disorders of the digestive apparatus, liver and biliary tracts. The modern resort was built in 1800.

Termini Imerese (Palermo)

Grand Hotel Terme (grandhoteldelleterme)
The XIX century Grand Hotel delle Terme, completely renovated, hosts the hyperthermal salty-brome-iodine water at 43° C in its basement. It used to be a natural grotto used for climate therapy. Now it provides inhalation treatments, mud balneotherapy, a thermal pool and vascular hydro-walk therapy for vascular complaints.
Vulcano Thermal Baths en plain air are also worth a mention. A new society for the exploitation of the spa has been recently founded on the island. The site provides “fumarole”, mud pots and offshore hot springs.

Roman Bath at the Villa del Casale in Piazza Armerina

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