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Reviews: Art, Theatre and Cinema

Festival di Ortygia

Ortigia Festival is held on the splendid background of Neapolis archaeological site and Maniace Castle in the historical centre of Syracuse, laying on Ortigia isle (Syracuse). It is an international meeting including theatrical, musical and cinematographic events.


They take place from July through September on the splendid background of Gibellina's Ruins, covered with lime by artist Alberto Burri. The calendar includes theatrical performances, ethnic music concerts, visual art displays and cultural events. It features artists from all over the world blending tradition with experimentation and debating about new languages in art.

"Un Mare di Cinema" Film Festival

Lipari, in the Aeolian Archipelago, hosts “Un mare di Cinema Film Festival” from July through August, a cinematographic festival taking place in the splendid natural scenery of this little island. Since 1990, “Un mare di cinema” has rewarded directors, actors and producers with the prize “Efesto d'oro”.

Greek theatres still in use: Syracuse, Taormina, Tindari and Segesta

From mid-May to mid-June every other year, National Institute for Ancient Greek Drama (Istituto Nazionale del Dramma Antico) sets up a program of tragedies from ancient Greek dramatists in Syracuse Greek Theatre. They are usually performed before sunset, according to the rules of ancient Greek drama tradition, and with the help of stage costumes, antique masks and the Chorus typical of ancient Greek drama, but sometimes you may appreciate a clever blending of modern and even experimental choreography and stage designing with this ages-old tradition.

Idyllically perched on a rocky promontory above the sea, Taormina's ancient theatre is the ideal set for glamorous and cultural events. It hosts Taormina Film Fest and a rich program of artistic performances ranging from ballet to fashion shows (taorminafilmfest).

Tindari Festival held in in Tindari theatre from July through August schedules a rich calendar of theatre performances, both from classical and modern drama tradition, classical music and pop music concerts (pattietindari).

From July through August, Segesta theatre offers a rich program of both tragedies and comedies from ancient Greek and Roman Drama. As in Syracuse, performances begin at sunset, according to ancient tradition. The magical atmosphere of this peaceful setting gives you an unforgettable thrill, making the show a wonderful experience. Since 1988 the theatre has also featured modern theatre performances, music concerts, ballet shows and suggestive poetry readings from dusk till dawn (calatafimisegesta).


TaorminaArte offers a spectacular, vibrant cultural summer, with hundreds of events including exhibitions, lectures, performances, shows and installations. The leading event is Taormina FilmFest, an international film festival whose renown is no less than other more famous international festivals. TaorminaArte is an important showcase for this little town, wearing a glossy sheen of glamour on this particular occasion. The event takes place both in Taormina's ancient and modern theatres, but the whole town gets packed up by famous actors, directors and producers, offering themselves a glamorous show for visitors or curious tourists.

Performances in Ortygia Festival

Romanzo Criminale scene during the Film Festival in Lipari

Tragedia Greca rapresentation in Syracuse Greek Theatre

Performing in Tindari Greek Theatre

The Greek-Roman Theatre in Toarmina

Ennio Morricone performing in Taormina Theatre

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