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Aegadian Islands

(Favignana - Levanzo - Marettimo)

Aegadian Islands - SicilyThe archipelago of Aegadian islands lies off Trapani, near the Sicilian coast. It was once joined to the land, as witnessed by the graffiti in Grotta del Genovese in Levanzo, and by the shallow sea bed. In the course of millenniums it was separated from Sicily because of rising sea level and earth’s crust movements. The three islands in the Archipelago, Favignana, Marettimo and the small Levanzo, have been a Marine Reserve since 1991.They have different characteristics, but can all boast a deep crystal blue sea, crossed by streams and beaten by strong winds.

Favignana, the largest island, is the most populated and a renowned tourist destination. It boasts wonderful and varied natural settings, both marine and mountain.

Levanzo, the smallest island, features a tiny harbour and a village with white thick-walled houses. The rock coast is rich in splendid inlets and coves. Visitors can tour the island with a nice short walk.

Marettimo is the wildest island in the archipelago and the farthest from the coast. It is inhabited by a small fishing community. Its scenery is marked by mountains of dolomite rock steeply descending onto the sea and dotted with innumerable grottos.

Favignana harbour

Levanzo life style

The blue lagoon in Marettimo

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