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The Mediterranean Sea

Villas in the south-west

The Mediterranean SeaScala dei Turchi is a gorgeous place not far from the town of Realmonte, and it’s a stretch of coast with blinding white marl cliffs wonderfully carved and moulded by wind and gently descending onto the sea. According to legend, Saracens climbed that natural rocky ladder to reach the surrounding villages and rob them. To defend themselves, local population erected a large number of watch towers along the coast, still visible all around Sicily.

One of the several natural reserves managed by WWF has been named after one of those towers, Torre Salsa. It consists of 6 km of wild coast and sandy beaches, inhabited by sea-gulls and sea-turtles, which lay their eggs on it. In spring it hosts lily-moths and spurge hawkmoths, which are likely to be observed on sea daffodils leaves and sea spurges.

A little further to the north, atop the snow-white cliff of Capo Bianco, there are remains of the ancient colony of Heraclea Minoa (probably founded by Mycenaeans) and its splendid theatre, with the proscenium overlooking the sea. Through a path from the nearby Archeological Park, visitors can reach Platani River mouth, located in a crescent-like white and sandy beach within the homonymous Natural Reserve.

Belice River Natural Reserve lies a few kilometers from Selinunte, where a shallow and constantly calm sea stretches out on golden sandy shores. In a picturesque and unique naturalistic environment the river widens its mouth and flows into the sea, surrounded by canes and pines.

Villas in the south-west

The beach at the Turkish steppes

Torre Salsa beach

The snow-white cliff of Capo Bianco

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